Virtual Casinos Accepting USA Players In 2014 features the Internet's leading USA online casinos in November of 2014. Americans can claim no deposit bonuses at the top virtual U.S. casinos when they use our link and our online casino bonus codes.


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usa virtual casinos online in  November, 2018Updated In November, 2018 - Virtual casinos, or online casinos, have been around for 15-20 years. The virtual casino has changed much in that time. Virtual casinos have made many improvements over the years and the list of advantages Internet casinos have over brick & mortar (B&M) casinos is extensive. Virtual casinos are home to HD, 3D slot machine games that even share some characteristics with RPGs. There are more unique slot games at the top 5 online casinos than there are at every single B&M casino in the USA.. Some of the most popular virtual online casinos have over 300 unique casino games. A typical B&M casino will have hundreds of machines but how many unique games do they have? Not many. They have rows of identical slot machines. Online casinos cannot be judged by the number of machines they have because obviously they use hightech computer programs so 10,000 people can play the same slot machine or table game at once without a problem. Virtual casinos open to Americans have another major advantage over their land-based cousins, which I will explain in detail below. In short, B&M casinos need to make a $.10 from every $1 wagered to cover their operating costs so they set the payout percentages on their slot machines accordingly. Virtual casinos on the Internet in 2014 cost next to nothing to operate, comparatively, so they can easily afford to make just $.01 on every $1 wagered, thus you will find slot games with 99% payout percentages at virtual casinos. They also give a lot back to players in the from of bonuses, no deposit bonuses and other promotions, which B&M casinos cannot hope to match. The USA friendly virtual casinos listed below are the best of the best in 2014. We have a special sign up deal at each. Use our link and our no deposit casino bonus code , if one is listed, and you will instantly receive free casino money. There are four RealTime Gaming casinos with no deposit bonuses in 2014 listed below. RTG is a virtual casino software provider and they have more US casinos than any of their competitors in 2014. Winnings from our USA virtual casino no deposit bonuses in 2014 can be withdrawn after meeting some basic wagering requirements. No deposit is needed to claim any of the free virtual casino cash credits listed below. Millions of Americans play at these USA online casinos in 2014 because they are the most trusted, have the best software, promotions, bonuses and the fastest payouts.

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the best virtual casinos for USA players online in November, 2018 - virtual casinos versus offline B&M casinos

virtual casinos vs b&m casinosImagine that you are responsible for paying all of the monthly expenses at one of the Las Vegas casinos . Thousands of employees, six figure electric bills, insurance, seven figure marketing costs, high taxes, entertainment, lawyers, lobbying costs and a million other expenses that have to be paid every month. Where does this money come from? The revenues generated by the house edge on their casino games. The average B&M casino slot machine payout percentage in Las Vegas is 90%. In my home state the average slot machine payout percentage is 89%.

In America they usually range from 87% to 92%. What does this mean? A payout percentage of 90% would mean that for every $1 wagered in the slot, $.90 is paid back. So you are losing 10% of your money to the house edge. The expenses are a factor in setting a slot machines payout percentage since casinos are corporations and thus have to make a profit. What if there was a casino whose monthly expenses were lower than a young man living in a cheap apartment building? A few hundred per month on utilities, $500-$600 per month for rent and other minor expenses. This is what it cost to operate a virtual casino online. Hosting and server costs, payment processing and network fees. These greatly reduced operating costs have enabled online casinos to develop slot machine games that pay out $.98-$.99 cents on the dollar. In short, online U.S. casinos have made the house edge virtually non-existent and this is not limited to slots. Some USA friendly virtual casinos have video poker games that pay out more than $1 for every $1 wagered, meaning that there is a player edge instead of a house edge. Some table games are more difficult. Blackjack and Roulette are two examples. Some of the newer Internet casinos compete with older, most established casinos by offering casino games with no house edge. Many of the big Las Vegas casino corporations hope to have virtual USA casinos online by 2015 .

Virtual casino games vs B&M casino games

The payout percentage is basically 99.5% at virtual casinos but some US casinos have 10-15 different kinds of Blackjack. You are more likely to win money playing Roulette at a virtual casino online because they have made one simple change to the game. Most virtual casinos offer a minimum of two kinds of Roulette, American and European. You should always play European Roulette because the "00" option has been removed. The ball can end up in 36 different spots and a single number wager pays out 35 to 1, so if you wagered $1, 36 times in a row the casino would, on average, make a profit of $1. At B&M casinos, like the Fort Hall Casino , Mark Twain Casino or the Doc Holliday Casino , with the extra "00" spot would generate twice as much revenue. So virtual casinos compensate for their smaller operating costs by making the games easier to win money at.

Internet casinos go one step further by offering virtual casino no deposit bonuses, huge deposit bonuses, free slot spins, free contests with real money prizes, free entry into casino game tournaments and many other promotions. They also use some of the money they save due to their lower operating expenses by offering extensive loyalty programs. The simple comp point systems found at most B&M casinos are a joke when compared to the elaborate rewards programs offered by the top virtual casinos in America. Another perk virtual Internet casinos have over their land-based ancestors is enabling gamblers to play from the comfort of their own home, any time they want and for whatever stakes they want. My local casinos have a $10-$20 bet requirement for many of their table games. Virtual casinos will allow you to bet as little as $1 per hand on table games like Blackjack. You can also play roughly 20-30 times as many hands per hour compared to a B&M casino.